Teachers and Students Start Here

The Teachers and Students section is where we want teachers and students to go once we have their class set up in our system. If you are a teacher who is looking to partner with us, please head over to the Connect with Cloud Craft Classroom page or the Learn More page under CCC Programs.

We intend to have the portals set up here so teachers and students can securely connect to their virtual machines.

At the moment, we are setting up the links like this:

  1. Select your school
  2. Select the teacher. Here the teacher can log in to do teacher related communications wtih Cloud Craft Classroom. Students identify who their teacher is so they can then pick their name out of a list.
  3. Students pick their name from a list. At that portal, they put in their unique username and password so they will automatically be directed to the virtual machine dedicated for their use during the session.