Thank you in advance for helping fund a cause that is trying to close the digital divide and provide opportunity to students who otherwise may not have them.

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Make this a monthly payment?

So you can get an idea of what donations pay for, here is a list of what things cost for us at the moment:

  • Website that takes care of payment gateway, forms, student and teacher sign-in portals, and general CCClassroom information: $129/month
  • Student licence for MinecraftEDU: $18. We need one license per machine that is in use at one time.
  • Server license for MinecraftEDU: $41. We need a few licenses so that we can set up more than one classroom at a time. We will also be lending licenses to teachers who want to create their own MCedu curriculum.
  • Splashtop license: $100 per machine
  • Hardware to create the cloud machine: $500 per cloud machine, includes power, cables, hard drive,
  • Snag-It license: $45 per machine so students can take screenshots of their work or short videos of what they are doing on their virtual machine
  • Minecraft license: $27. We need one license per machine that is in use at one time.
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