How do we access Minecraft?

We have Minecraft licenses and will let students know how they can log into a session that will place them in a common space with classmates. We host the Minecraft classroom on our server so no external connections are necessary. You cannot access our server from home, though, because it is a closed system.

How do we access MinecraftEDU?

We have a few MinecraftEDU servers so we can accommodate more than one class at a time. Students will work in our closed environment with their classmates on projects chosen by their teacher.

How are Minecraft and MinecraftEDU different?

A few years ago some brilliant teachers collaborated with programmers to create mods that make the Minecraft environment more user friendly for teachers. The company Teacher Gaming was formed and were granted permission from Mojang to license their version of Minecraft. The Teacher Gaming company calls their version of Minecraft MinecraftEDU. The EDU signifying it is for education.

The licensing agreement with Mojang was that MinecraftEDU can only be licensed to schools or nonprofits. Individual humans cannot own a license of MinecraftEDU. We created Cloud Craft Classroom to make MinecraftEDU available to teachers who cannot host it at their schools or for homeschooling students. To learn more about the board and how Cloud Craft Classroom was created, please visit the About Us pages.

Is Minecraft the only software we can use?

At the moment we are only hosting MinecraftEDU. We will migrate into hosing Vanilla Minecraft shortly. Once we figure out how much power and space software like Second Life or World of Warcraft requires, we plan to add them to our machines.

We intend to load SnagIt on each machine (as funding permits) so students can easily take screenshots or short videos of their work.