This section is supposed to be for the independent classes Cloud Craft Classroom will be holding outside of regular school hours.

These independent classes can look like:

  • Some Board members and volunteers plan to go on site to schools so they can do classroom sessions with students after school in the school's computer lab.


  • Virtual 1 or 2 hour classes where students find their own device to use to contact our virtual machines. They will still go through the Cloud Craft Classroom website portals, but they will not be organized by teachers' names. They will log in through portals set up in this section. This will allow us to hold classes for fun or enrichment after school or on weekends that have students from any location with an Internet connection.


  • Virtual summer classes. If we get enough licenses so we can "reserve" machines for students, we could offer courses that let students return to a machine they were previously using. We want to hold classes in various topics like programming in Python, creating games with various game making software, or possibly making Mods for Minecaft servers. Students are encouraged to offer ideas for classes.