Our History

Cloud Craft Classroom, Inc., was formed in June 2015 by Melissa Getz and Pete Handley. After attending a workshop hosted by MinecraftEDU, Melissa and Pete brainstormed a way to qualify for MinecraftEDU licenses that are only available to schools and 501(c)(3) nonprofit companies. The goal of Cloud Craft Classroom is to provide a virtual computer lab that allows both teachers and students access to software such as MinecraftEDU in a well-managed, secure computing environment. Melissa mostly handles the business side of things, while Pete designs, builds and supports the computer lab and optimizes applications for a cloud setting. Cloud Craft Classroom, Inc. was incorporated in California, however it exists in the cloud so anybody with Internet access can use it. Board members are from various locations across the US. They were chosen because they are good people who have much to offer to the company, and not necessarily because they live outside of Albany, CA. We value our ability to communicate without physical walls getting in the way.

We provide virtual computers that are connected to a server. This server lets the “client” computers exist in a collaborative setup so programs like Minecraft or MinecraftEDU can work in multiplayer mode with specific classes. Since we control the servers, when a class’s time is up, we can save and switch out a scenario for another class to use. When we get enough money to buy several versions of the server software, and the computers needed for virtual machines, we will be able to hold multiple classes simultaneously. Cloud Craft Classroom, Inc. also intends to hold after school, weekend, or summer sessions so that students who need something to do can learn while they have “idle” time.