More About CCClassroom

Cloud Craft Classroom has two roles.

1. To work with classroom teachers and homeschooling parents so they can access MinecraftEDU software. MinecraftEDU technically is now a part of Microsoft Education. The MinecraftEDU contracts will carry over to a relationship with Microsoft Education.

2. To provide independent learning opportunities for teachers, homeschooling parents, and students.

If you want to partner with us, we want to know who you are. Because of license restrictions, we can not connect with anybody who charges money to use MinecraftEDU with us. If you wanted to use our service for a fundraiser, you need to communicate directly with Melissa so she can work out something with you. You will be expected to give at least 75% of what you fundraise to Cloud Craft Classroom as a donation. We created the nonprofit Cloud Craft Classroom so that people who were having difficulty accessing MinecraftEDU, could have access. We respect the Teacher Gaming license and will not use it in any manner that lets money acquired for use of MinecraftEDU go for personal or commercial use. If you represent a nonprofit, then you should apply directly to Microsoft for Minecraft Education licenses.

If you plan to charge students money to do classes with us, you should use that money to buy licenses directly. If you are part of a public or private school, your school, district, or board can apply to Microsoft Education for licenses. Unfortunately the homeschooling population or people who are not affiliated with a nonprofit can't get licenses. If you are a part of the population that wants to use Minecraft Education with students and is not connected to a school or nonprofit, we welcome you to connect with us. All we ask is that you do not charge anybody any money to use our service. We do not require anybody to pay anything to use MInecraft Education. You are, of course, welcome to make a donation so we can expand our services to as many students, teachers, indpendant learners, home schooling parents and students, or anybody who otherwise could not have a contract directly with Microsoft Education to use Minecraft Education. TeacherGaming knows this is why we created our nonprofit, and even though they do not endorse us, they are aware of why we exist.

Links to some content mentioned on this page

  • Teacher Gaming still exists, and they are still creating software for teachers to use. They enjoy having a teacher community who works with them and they plan to stick around even if Microsoft now owns the program they created. This link will take you to the "new" Teacher Gaming website.

  • This link takes you to the "new" Microsoft page that announces their deployment of Minecraft Education.

  • This is the "new" page for Minecraft Education Edition. There are links on this page that may be useful to you even if you do not own any MinecraftEDU licenses.

  • The MinecraftEDU wiki still exists. You can continue to get lots of answers for questions you may have here.

  • If after reading what we put here you decide you want to partner with us, please click on the title of this section. It will take you to a form for you to tell us about you, your students, and your interests with using our software.

  • If you have ideas or questions you want to share with Cloud Craft Classroom, please click on the link to this section and fill out the form. Someone should respond to your questions within two business days.

  • We are happy you are asking us how you can give us funds so we can build our virtual computer lab. Please click on the title of this section or on the donate button in the upper right corner and you will see our donation form. It is set up in a secure payment gateway. We do not actually store any of your payment information. It just goes to the company providing our fundraising services so they can transfer money from your credit card to our bank account for Cloud Craft Classroom. We had to submit documents proving we have 501(c)(3) status to our bank when we created the nonprofit banking account and to the payment gateway company to ensure all money goes only to the nonprofit Cloud Craft Classroom bank account.

As we build up our services, we plan to hold "live" information sessions in our software environment. The purpose of these sessions will be to introduce adults to the Minecraft Education software. If you are a teacher and want to convince your school, school board, or district they should buy their own licenses, we will be happy to host them in a session with Tutorial World where they can see some of what is possible in the Minecraft Education environment. If you are a homeschooling organization and wnat to see if a program is appropriate for your students, we can host a sample session so you can try out the software before applying for a time on our schedule. Please come back to look for links to forms that let you sign up for a time or space on the calendar. At this time we do not know when we will be able to start hosting anything because Pete needs to build the vitual machines and we have our first 8 Minecraft Education student licenses. It is a very exciting time for us.